29 May 2008

iTunes Release

Alternate Worlds is on iTunes. Here is the link, though you must have iTunes installed on your machine for it to do anything. They charge more than CD Baby, apply wacky digital rights management, and you don't even get a real product to hold in your hands, so if you are actually considering shelling out your hard earned giro for our measly product we recommend doing it with CD Baby. Or hell, if you ask politely we may just send you a free copy. Or send you something else.

Thank God the primaries are almost over. Now we can get back to making fun of Republicans. Remember them? They spit on privacy! They spit on the Constitution! They're gonna give you righteous swirlies until you pledge allegiance to the Presidency, Jesus, and Perpetual War, in that order! They're military-home-wreckin', gay-bashin', immigrant-hatin', environment-stompin', deficit-multiplyin', long-term-ignorin' crazies that are convinced the terrorists have infiltrated your mailbox! They are now declaring a War Against Your Mailbox! The Third Army is being deployed as you read this, led by General Patton who was resurrected as part of Dick Cheney's unholy pact with Satan! The Democrats aren't any better mind you but, man! Those wacky Republicans. How we missed 'em.

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Anonymous said...

Instead of ranting about what you dislike about Republicans in general, just state your position. The substance of your opinion is what I find to be most worthy. Name calling is being like them. I'm just sayin.

Nice post on the Jamman!