12 August 2008


Here's our live improv setup. It provides the ability to sample and loop anything, the ability to apply a wide range of effects, and gives us total control of the final stereo mix. Considerations have been made for portability and modularity, and it can change from a live rig to a recording studio just by moving a few cables.
Not pictured: Light show, smoke machine, video of bright, shiny things.


Tom said...

Hi, not to be a geek or anything, but can you annotate your diagram? What's the thing that interfaces with your mixer and PC?

jr said...

That thing is a Behringer UCA202 USB audio interface.

Other stuff:
Keyboard is an E-mu xboard 61
Laptop running Ableton Live
Crybaby Wah
The blue thing by the wah is a DigiTech JamMan looper
The left mixer is a Behringer MX602A, the right one is a Behringer Xenyx 1002
The guitar is running through a DigiTech RP-350
The custom e-drums interface with an Alesis D4
The blue thing to the right of the e-drums is a little Kaito WRX911 shortwave radio
iPod, obviously
The yellow thing is the extremely cool and fun Korg Kaossilator
The red thing is the extremely cool and fun Korg mini-KP