23 December 2008

The Aleph Null Limited Edition

Aleph Null, catalog number L9 314, is now available in an extremely limited edition of tangible packages. For just ten U.S. dollars you receive an individually numbered, hand stamped CD containing all seven tracks in full quality audio; a unique, handmade, biodegradable CD case constructed from recycled materials; new, extensive liner notes; and an obi band to hold everything together.

You may purchase it from this page using PayPal, which allows you to pay with most credit cards. Available while supplies last.

We are pleased that this package so well reflects the music within. Both have a beautiful, low key, DIY aesthetic that relishes unpredictable human touches. Corners are left rounded off. Edges do not meet at a crisp ninety degrees. There is ample evidence of scissors, fingerprints, and glue. The package was clearly born of a large mess that someone had to clean up.

The Aleph Null special edition is exclusive to amoebacrunch.com.

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